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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Buenas GENte!!! LOTS OF PICS!!!!

As many of you have requested...the pics of all the infamous events of my life are here. I will post on scrapbooking tomorrow.

Here are the some of the pics we took at the Miami Seaquarium this past Saturday. OMG, we had SOOOO much fun. You can always tell when perfect strangers take the pics because you can't even tell who the heck we are. But hey, I KNOW. Anyway...we had a great time. The kids were in awe of some of the sea life we saw. I truly have the best brother in law in the world. He sat in the front zone with ALL the kids...YOU KNOW..the zone where you get blasted with water !!!! He was our guide for the day, and honestly, it was not only a beautiful day, but we got to spend it with our families. Only one damper in the day...Rios did not make it. (Rios...we did miss you!!!)
As you can tell some of my nieces are a hoot. I love the pic of all of

us in front of the whale fins....we are so far away that the tourist that took
it must have been out of her mind. (We could have fit another 50 puertoricans there)LOL

Jazzy and ELIJAH ARE JUST SOO SWEET. They are such good kids. Just FYI...most of these
pictures were taken by Elijah. He's a little photographer. I love Miami. This is a picture taken from the bridge heading towards Biscayne. Elijah did a freaking good job!

Here are some Pics of Jacqueline's birthday party. What did she want? A scrap booking party. Lucky for her, her momma has a hook up!!!! LOL. The girls each got a mini album with plenty of yummy embellishments to decorate their pages. The girls loved it! By the way, thank you all for the sweet wishes to my baby girl. You guys are the best.

Some of these girls really surprised
me. Their scrap booking skills are
very impressive.

Kristen with her final product and Jacqueline with the sticker book.
I gave the girls my sticker book and told them they could use whatever they wanted. TALK ABOUT HEAVEN.
My nieces Alyssa and Jazmyne...talented chicks. They looked adorable.
I can not believe I do not have a picture with everyone in it. Isn't that crazy, buy when you are host that's what happens. We served
Jacqueline's favorite foods and when it was all done, my daughter
thanked me for the party and said it was the best party she has ever had. (my heart just melted) I love that little girl!

Look at this!!!!!!!!!! This is my niece Alyssa. She is 4 years old and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL AND CRAFTY!!!! Just like her momma. (and her aunts). She is super smart and let me tell you this little chick is a scrapper in the making. These pics were taken on Easter Sunday at my house. We had finished dinner and she wanted to create something. My sister Margie taught her how to use the Cutterpede cutter. I was soooooo impressed. I came in after her mother set her up and she had cut several papers. She informed me that I HAD TO BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THE cutterpede was NOT A TOY. They had blades and we had to make sure to respect them and handle them properly. She then proceeded to show me the correct manner as to HOW TO handle this baby. (She cracks me up). By the way, I am also not to use it without some adult supervison..LOL. Come on peeps...that is funny

I thought I add this pic, since many of you read about Vanessa and Ady all the time. These are my scrap booking buddies. They were originally customers, but over the years became more like
sisters. In the pic from L to Vanessa, Ady and me. Now you have visual aid to who the
heck the girls are when I talk about them. By the way: Ady, those clubs you scrap for are phenomenal...LOL. You all have to read the blog. By the way...Ady has some FANTASTIC NEWS. She is getting published. WOW... AMAZING....WAY TO GO MI AMIGA!
I AM SUPER PROUD OF YOU!!!! Send her some good wishes. I will post all the details so you can go and buy the magazine!

Wow...what a long post. But so many of you asked for it!!!!
Well, I caught up with pics. I hope you all have a great day. Be safe and please spend some time with your families. It is the most important thing in the world. I just want to send a shout to my friend Alma. Te doy las gracias por el jesto tan bonito. Te quiero con todo mi corazon amiga.!!!!!!!!! Gracias por pensar en mi.


Anonymous said...

Bueno mi amiga me alegro un monton
que hayas tenido un fin de semana muy bonito junto a tu familia.
A jackeline que bueno que la paso super en su cumpleaƱo, que no se olvide de venir a casa el dia 20.
Y sobre tus amigas (Ady & Vane) te felicito, en este mundo en el que estamos es muy dificil tener
gente buena y sincera al lado de uno.
Te mando un beso. Alma

Ady said...

Love the photos... Elijah did a tremendous job... BTW, I was going to keep it on the hush hush about being published. HAHAHA Just kidding... Thanks for all the praises and I want that photo...

Ana, Miami said...

OMG what great pics. Looks like you and the family had a great time! I am so glad you went. Jacqueline seems as if she is in heaven and the party was a great success! so happy for you! NSB almost here! Cant't wait! I am very happy for you and your family best always!
Love ya
Ana G.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Very cool pictures!!! Looks like you've been having a ton of fun lately with the fam!!! :-) I think we need to crop out the green blouse that makes me look like I have the biggest belly ever..... LOL!!!!! Anyway, I can't wait till Saturday!!! See you soon, my friend!! HUGS!!!

Trish said...

OMG! A post with pictures! Woohoo!

Love all the aquarium pics--you guys look like fun! And your dd and niece are darling--no wonder they have you wrapped...

I need that pic of Vanessa Ady and you! Holy cow-I'm going to scrap about my Miami friends! Send it girlie!

I'm so happy for Ady! And Simple Scrapbooks is not an easy mag to get into...

And how is the apron going?

Hugs to you!