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Thursday, August 7, 2008

August kit

Hello everyone. I have almost sold out of the August kits. I know, I know. I did not even post them. It seems that every time customers came over they would simply pick one up. Sigh, it's all good. I would love to give you a picture but I CAN'T! This is not making this puertorican very happy. So I am off to purchase ANOTHER battery charger for my camera as the original one is missing in action. I will come back, some time today, and post the pictures you are all so anxiously waiting for.
Do not forget to leave a comment as I have 3 RAKS going on for the rest of the week!!! Whoo HOO!!!


Balou said...

es que imaginate... everyone knows your kits are the bomb! so they dont even wait for the pictures! =)

girl, i hear you! i can't find the memory card adapter for my camera so loading pictures is a pain in the butt!

alma said...

Que bueno mi amiga que te va tan bien, felicidades.
Espero que nos veamos pronto.
Besos, Alma

Ana, Miami said...

My friend! Its been a while since I blogged! We all have to take a break at times from all that is goin on in life but its all good! The love is still there my friend! Hope all is well and everyone is doing great! The Puertorican must be happy! Lololololo xoxoxoxoxoxo

Hope we can see you soon!
I will send you an e-mail shorlty with regards to some other issue!

Anonymous said...

don't you hate when that happens! You know that you will find it once you buy a new one - at least you will have a spare. Don't stress out too much.
Hugs, Michelle P.

Laura said...

So true that when you go buy a new one you will find the other one. I hate it when that happens. Glad to see you on your blog.