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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello peeps...

I am not a I did not disappear off the face of the are all so funny...I got so many emails asking me to update, asking to make sure I was alright...Thank you all for your concern.
The truth is....I was tired...still tired...but I am on the road to recovery. I just had to take a break and honestly, I just visited some of the blogs I love the most and kinda CHILLED. It was nice.
Now...back to work.

To start off with....My CALEB IS 3!!!!

My favorite little boy in the whole wide world...(My son is now a BIG BOY) is 3!!!! He is absolutely delicious. For those of you who know me...know that I have a deep unconditional, special, fantastic, unbelievable amount of LOVE for my nephew...he is a riot. His smile makes me happy. When he opens his arms and screams TITI MARY...aaahhhggghhh..I'm lost. That boy has me wrapped around his little finger! DELICIOUS!!! Happy birthday my little man!

IN HONOR OF CALEB'S MILESTONE....I AM HAVING A RAK!!! (OR SHOULD I SAY....3 RAKS!!!) Just leave a post here, and I will be picking out 3 winners this Friday!!! Some good stuff in those RAKS!!! GOOD LUCK!

Now onto some SCRAPPY news...the annual class was postponed due to some Health issues that I will not go into, but let it suffice that I was one scared puertorican this past Saturday. Thank God Almighty that it is all good and the amazing thing is that REST really does restore the body! WOW! I know...I know!!! Ask any many of you are really rested? LOL!

Scrap PInk is coming along very nicely. I have a full house on Friday and I have 2 spots open for THE Saturday session. Please be patient for those who I have not sent the pay pal invoices...I am getting there. Slowly, but surely.

For the month of August I asked various designers to create 2 page layouts with supplies that I gave on Monday, I will begin showing the first set of designers for the week. Thank you all for participating. You all ROCK!!!!

I am getting the details for the Beach Retreat 2009 ironed out. I will begin registration sometime next week. Keep an eye out for this's really one of my favorites!!!

The following are some layouts that are for the $50.00 for 10 page class. This class will be held at the Scrap and Elegance Scrapbook Store.

Hope you all have a great day!


jamie said...

hi damaris, glad to see you are up and kicking...really hope your health issues are not too serious and you find some peace in all this.
can't wait to see some peaks myself.

alma said...

Damaris, me alegro mucho saber de ti, espero que todas las cosas mejoren. A Mr. Caleb nuevamente le deseo lo mejor del mundo,junto a toda su familia y que siga cumpliendo muchos aƱos mas.
Besos. Alma

Anonymous said...

I saw Margie's blog on Caleb's b-day so I knew you had stolen those awesome pictures. she also wrote some very nice things about her baby. I am glad you are back on-line. I was really missing those posts on your blog. Take care!
Michelle P.

Anna M-W said...

Oh my gosh! He is a cutie! I want to pinch his cheeks!

I hope your health is ok.

Can't wait to hear about Beach Retreat 2009. I am in. Someone will just need to pick me up at the airport and I need to learn Spanish be then!

Laura said...

Hello Darling! I'm so glad you are back! I missed your postings and talking to you =( I can't wait for Beach retreat yay! My bags are packed a year in advance. So many good things are coming our way. =) Feel better and make sure you rest!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Rest up darling because EVERYBODY misses you when you're not around, and we need you up and ready to inspire us! I hope you're feeling better and that those "health issues" are a thing of the past real soon. Glad to see you posting again! Take care and keep smiling!
Sharon R.

Balou said...

oh my gosh... i hope you're feeling better and that it wasn't anything too serious. if you need anything at all, let me know. i'm only a few turnpike exits away!

your nephew is adorable! and i love that first LO of your dad. sooo pretty! like my mom says: "mamita, eres una artista!"

te quiero! xoxo...