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Monday, August 11, 2008

GOLD ANYONE? many of you saw that swimming relay race last night? HELLO!!!!! Those BOYS ROCKED!!! We were screaming so loud in our house I think they heard us over in the next state.
Jason Lezak, Michael helps, Garret Weber-Gale and Cullen Jones bring home the gold.

This man (LEZAK) is truly an amazing athlete. To see the distance that he had to close was a pretty amazing thing to watch. I am so positive that this will be one for the books of history. I am sure, my grandchildren will be talking about this one!
He touched the pad 0.08 of a second earlier than the french about destiny!
It was simply their time!


Anna M-W said...

Even though some of the Frenchies were kinda hot, they shouldn't have been talking trash!

Laura said...

OMG!!!! We didn't stop screaming either, I'm sure oyr neighbors thought we were being killed or something. My sister has a tendency of screaming at the TV as if they can hear her! LOL
Hope you are feeling better! I will be emailing you in the morning... Hope to hear from you soon! Have a good night!