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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jacqueline is an HONOR STAR!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to share my darling daughters (Missionettes Graduation). I am so very proud of this little girl. She makes my heart sing.

Jacqueline cracks me up...she has the funniest faces and I think she kind of takes these ceremonies in stride. She tends to excel in many areas and has quite a collection of medals and trophies in her room...well me and the family sitting in the audience kept looking at her and saying things like: Jacqueline is probably saying: "hmmnnn whatever...can I sit down now?" "Another trophy..where am I going to put all this now?" Oh wow, another Honors medal...shocking"...LOL We were all cracking up!!!
Each little girl gets a crown which represents that they have accomplished all the requirements for the Stars program.

Whoops...sorry, this one should have gone first... The parents walk down each little girl down the aisle..I was thinking....this reminds of something else...that I am just not wanting to think about right now!!! White dress...aisle...NOT!!! LOL (By the way..Jacqueline wanted me to have the same hair do that day) She looks much prettier!!!!
Her fitting at Abuela Pipe's house (her great grandmother)...THANK YOU JUDY & YAYA!!
Isn't this delicious? I love her passion for that from MOMMY???!!!!
My family helped me put together a beautiful get together for her at Abuela's house. I need to thank my aunts Yaya, Judy and Puchy...your help meant the world to me. are the best...thanks for all the picture taking, styling hair and loving my daughter the way you do!!! Bethsy, thank you for helping her achieve her goals and for simply spending time with her...and letting her TALK YOUR BRAINS OUT in your private sleepovers!!! Mom,you still make the best rice in town. Lina, you are my favorite cousin..NAMED LINA! Your heart is huge and I love you more for that! Ady, for loving my daughter as if she were yours, the cake, and all the crazies you do for me (AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE)!!! I want to thank all my family and friends who made the effort to celebrate in my daughters' special day. I thank you and am grateful that you are all a part of our lives. DIOS ME LOS BENDIGA SIEMPRE!!!
I'm off to celebrate Noemi's birthday.


Maritza said...

Congratulations to Jacqueline. She looks beautiful. God Bless.

Sharon said...

Confratulations to you both! (I mean you're the momma, so you should be doing something right if Jacqueline is doing so good!)

Anna M-W said...

Congrats to your daughter!

I received your RAK this week! Thank you so much!

Annie said...


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Congrats Jacqueline!!! We are proud of you and the beautiful, smart young lady you are... (Love the shoes!)

Damaris, the previous post on your grandma was so meaningful and heartfelt. Words to cherish - and scrap! HUGS!!!

Ady said...

You know that I'll forever be there for you except if you break my heart! Just kidding... LOL...Jacqueline looked so beautiful. I'm glad she enjoyed her day.

alma said...

Felicidades para tu niƱa, parece una linda novia. y los zapatos me encantan.
Felicidades Jacqueline.
Besos. Alma