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Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Friday!!!!!

I am so happy it's Friday. Went to 3 stores yesterday, and nope, nada, absolutely NOT! They do not have my battery charger for my camera. So I am about to order one today. Hay Dios mio...the little details in life..sigh.
So unfortunately...NO PICS on the good stuff here. Margie is going to take pics for me and I will post tomorrow morning....sorry gang.

Now onto some happy stuff. ScrapPink is so HOT this year! I am super happy with the way the goodie bags are shaping up, thank you very much. As of today ScrapPInk is SOLD OUT for the Saturday Session. I still have several spots available for Friday's Session. Oh, the goodies coming our way are DELISH!!!

Information for the Scrapbooking Retreat 2009 will be posted sometime next week. I am still working on some of the details and want to make sure that all is sealed and signed before I commit.
Just want to give you a peek at something......this just might be the place....
Yup....looks really good to me where I am standing. Hopefully you can make it here, enjoy the view and have a strawberry daiquiri with me! OF COURSE WE SHALL BE SCRAPING LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!!!! LOL.

Some wonderful classes and crops coming up such as Croptoberfest, the annual class, the 10 reasons, YUP!!!! a 24 HOUR CROP!!!!! and my Christmas Class and Crop are all being planned out. I am getting the calendar and the locations ready to go. Will keep you posted.

You all have a great Friday, and be safe!


Anonymous said...

That picture is super inspiring! Oh and to think I just got back from vacation, yet I wanna go on another trip, like now! LOL I guess there's no denying, I love the GOOD life! I'll just have to hold my horses until my hubby and I can escape again and have a blast!
Have a good weekend!
Sharon R.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot, I'm anxiously waiting for the September kit. Hopefully this time around I'll be lucky enough to see a pic of it to purchase! I'll cross my fingers!
Sharon R.

alma said...

Damaris, preciosa foto, yo quiero estar ahi.
Besos ALma

Anna M-W said...

Count me in!