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Friday, April 10, 2009


Whoops...what can I say. I've been really, really busy with kids, work, life, know....the regular stuff in a gals life. Blog is just not a priority...sorry chickees...(But I appreciate all the threatening emails....I feel loved...sigh...:)
I had this huge post for you today with pictures and witty comments, but as I was nearing the end...I have no clue what happened and the darn thing just went blank.............and as many of you bloggers know....once it's's gone.


Here is a pic of one of the 10 layout class I hosted this past month.

I will share more of these tonight as I try to post all the hundreds of pics, updates and witty comments I had in the original post before it disappeared into LA LA LAND!!!

sorry gang...see you later.




Balou said...

Wow... te llame con el pensamiento! I was just thinking last night that I hadn't seen a new blog post from you in a long time. =) I'm assuming you are feeling better, so that's good.

I love this layout! If you don't mind, I am totally going to lift it. =)


Maritza said...

If it weren't for the emails I would be worried. It's a fact, family trumps anything else. I will sit here patiently until you post again. Can't wait. Love the LO. hugs

Sharon said...

Ha! I'll sit here patiently until you post again too :) It looks like you have some BANGING layouts to post!
Hey, wait a minute, where's the journaling for this page? I'm calling the journaling police Mrs. Rios! Someone's in trouble! LOL
Have a great Easter!
Hugs, Moi!