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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Handmade cards

If you KNOW me, you know I am a avid card collector. I love cards. I think they are so personal and make a world of difference when giving someone a gift or a simple thank you. I love cards. Doesn't have to be anything major, but just the thought, that someone went out of their way to select a card or even better yet...MADE a card for that is off the chain. Oh yeah, did I mention that I love cards?

I want to share some of the goodness that some very special ladies created.

I love this card. My lovely friend Sharon made this one for my birthday....ohhhh..I love that girl. It's all done with lots of pink...PINK, people...PINK! She even hand painted the cupcake...sigh....

Now this one is a sweet one that made it to the top of my stack....Sharon, again is on a roll this year...She sent me a copy of a CD with my birthday pictures and OF COURSE...sends me this sweet gift along with the CD! (This Sharon chick is a KEEPER!!!)

My lovely friend Vanessa celebrated her birthday by having a Scrapbooking party...hmmm....wonder where she got that bad habit from...LOL.....
She set these beauties on every seating place for every attendee.....aaahhhh...I did not care about the goodies in the adorable goodie bag that she gave us...(SORRY...have no picture of that because I ate all the goodies and re-gifted that freaking adorable tiny was a hit to...the young lady that received that adorable bag that Vanessa made for us, thought I was very talented to decorate her little bag...He,hee, need to clarify I was stealing Vanessa's artwork....he,hee,hee...ssssshhhhhhhh...don't tell. I wont. lol

Love the detail on all of these goodies. That Vanessa is such a talented chick.

I got this one this year for my birthday. Very Classy card from my very classy friend Ady. I LOVE this card. This makes me happy.
I did these envelopes....yes, it is an envelope...what can I say...I am so into the presentation....the stuff outside needs to look just as good as the I was saying, I did these for Ady's Birthday. She thanked everyone with some delicious cards that she made so I made the outside envelope all nice and pretty just like her. I think I added something else to this envelope, but I just can't remember...what can I say, once I create something I am done and I can't even remember most of the time that I actually created the object (I think that is called selective memory...or early Alzheimer's...or maybe that I have so much going on that I am lucky I remember my name...sigh...)

I have a ton of cards and pretty handmade gifts, that I think that maybe every Wednesday I will post some of these lovelies that I have been given or I have created over the years...I'll try peeps.
I am going to call it Creative Wednesday......hmmmmm...a start of something new.
Hope you enjoyed.


Maritza said...

OK, blogging 3 days in a row - wheeeeeeeee I love it. The cards are awesome.

Sharon said...

Ha! I'm with you blogging so frequently :) Glad you got the stuff!

karen said...

great cards!