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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wow...really busy weekend.

So this is the daughter was totally shocked that we gave her a surprise party on Friday. It was a small gathering with some of her best gal pals. She came into the house and the girls hiding behind the couch screamed SURPRISE!!! She looks totally taken aback and then ask her friends: "What are you all doing crouching behind the couch? They answer back it's a surprise party....Jacqueline then ask "FOR WHO?"

Hey, I had to get creative....there really is no such thing as Twilight party decorations out there yet, so here are some of my renditions)

The girls made these cute little mini clipboards and added a Twilight picture.
It seems that everyone had a great time. I can see that my daughter is truly blessed. She has such lovely friends, and the great thing is that they have known each other since they began school. That is a big deal in my book, since good friends are such a rare thing, I see that my daughter has a group of girls that she admires, enjoys and loves.
Yesterday we had another party for my sister Margie....I did not take pictures...maybe she will post some on her blog and I can steal them...he,hee,hee.
Well, I am off the Toys R Us and then to church. Tomorrow I will post on some goodies that I have completed these past couple of days.
Have a fantastic Sunday.


Haberdawoman said...

Your daughter is SO SO blessed to have such a wonderful mother like you. What a great idea to have them do those clip boards. Have a wonderful Sunday my friend!
Big hugs.

Maritza said...

And when your daughter is happy life is wonderful. I concur, what a wonderful mom. Years later she will look at the pictures and remember what a great mom she has to create such wonderful memories for her; I promise.

Margie said...

And your daughter is SO SO blessed to have an aunt like me! Just kidding! You are cool. Her reaction was priceless and those gal pals of hers are a total trip! Glad she had fun, can't believe you pulled it off! I love surprises! And yeah, hope I get around to blogging. Why don't I just send you the pics instead and you do it for me? OOW! AWW! BRILLIANT IDEAR I TEL YA!

Sharon said...

Happy b-day J ! Glad she had a great time. You are such a sweet mommy :) Can't wait to see all the goodies you've been creating!

Ady said...

so glad she was surprised... The clipboards came out so cute...

bwgayoso said...

They look like they had a great time!! What a great idea! : )