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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scrapbooking...busy, busy, busy..

Wow, lots of stuff going on here. First, let me tell you that National Scrapbook Day is almost here...5/2/09. Don't worry gals...for those of you coming to the second session 5/9/09, there will be plenty of goodies on the walls in the PINK ROOM.
Lots of goodies being delivered much little time....
Gotta tell you, that I am the happiest when I create.....sigh...being doing quite a bit of that lately. I am one content Puertorican....a little frazzled but content. LOL

Wow....really GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beach Retreat is ALMOST Sold out!!!! We have 2 more spots. Can not wait for this event. I am so looking forward to this Scrapbook Retreat. I have so many goodies planned for this event....I am giddy with excitement.

I don't know who is more or ALMA....he, hee,heee!

Thought I'd also share some pretties from Maya Road.......I am not sure who the designers are, but if you go to their website These are on their site.

Love, LOVE, LOVE, LoVe this tag...did I mention that I this tag?

Every story has a beginning............................

and every story has an end..........gotta love it.
Have some really great projects in the works and I promise to share some really fantastic news. I will make public as soon as the green light has been given to me. Wow...lots of amazing stuff happening in my life. I am so blessed.

You all have a fantastic day.


Ady said...

I'm excited too about the retreat. I also can't wait to see the wall this weekend.

alma said...

Pero yo estoy mucho, pero mucho mas jajajajaja...
La verdad es que es mi primer viaje de scrapbook. Tu sabes que uno siempre esta exaire la primera vez jejejejejejeje.
Tu sabes que te quiero mucho Ady.
Besos a todas y nos vemos el sabado con el favor de Dios.

Sharon said...

NO, I'm MORE excited than EVERYONE else!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...Can't wait for the news you'll make are terrible teasing us like this! You better spill it soon or I'll have to call the scrapping police for false advertisement! I got them on speed dial! LOL

Maritza said...

I am soooooooo excited. Oh, but I just told my husband and he's not. oops. Oh well. I CAN'T WAIT, I CAN'T WAIT, I CAN'T WAIT. Can you tell I don't get out much.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

OMG!!! I cannot wait - is it time yet??? how about now... is it time??? LOL! I am so looking forward to the retreat! In the meantime, I will just have to enjoy myself on NSD (what a hard life)... :-)