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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I have recently seen a great deal of many changes occurring in my life. From the minute to the colossal. Change is like time...we simply can not stop it and it is not always in our best interest when it comes. People change. The dynamics of relationships change. The course of businesses change. Life changes.

I am a true testament that not all changes started out as a positive in my life. Yet in the end they became positive.
Although I was hurt, this change me me stronger.
Although I lost some to death, this change made me appreciate life even more.
Although they stole from me, this change made me wiser.
Although they lied to me, this change made me choose to do the right thing.

Change is difficult. Not always welcomed.

I have always said that everyone has a story to tell. How we tell our story is how we are defined as people.

Jesus told his story hundreds of years ago.
He changed His life, and in turn He changed my life forever.

Happy Easter (and for those who believe) RESURRECTION SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!


Ady said...

Happy Easter... I love you with all my heart.

Maritza said...

Amen, Happy Easter!