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Monday, June 23, 2008


Ladies, I have not posted...because...WE HAVE NO CABLE!!!! It's a little crazy here in South Florida, and honestly, it's been a drag. I have soooooo much stuff to post and it's a bit difficult blogging when I have to come to my sis' home. Try going to some one's home every day, just to post!!! Crazy!
Anyway, here are some pics from the June Main kit by the very talented Margie: ENJOY!!!!

One of the reasons I LOVE these Lay Outs are the simplicity and the amount of journaling on each page!!!! I really like how the pictures are the one's that speak and the beautiful paper simply enhances her images. The text (journaling) on each page expresses the feelings that are invoked in Margie, and I love that she allows the reader to glimpse into what SHE sees when you view these layouts....isn't that scrapbooking at it's best? When you pick up an album, and know what is going on and who is who? LOVE IT!!!!

Due to great demand, I have made smaller kits from THIS SAME JUNE KIT. I will post them tomorrow (with the contents) Comcast, me and the good LORD permitting...Margie too, as it her home I am invading here...(If she doesn't open the door...we are all out of gas).
By the way, I was going to post the pics for the July kit, but unfortunately I left my camera at home when I came over HERE to blog!!!! UUUGGGHHHH!!! (Screaming very loudly here) can you hear me?


Maritza said...

Hi, you have left me my first comment. Sweet. I first discovered Dayami when I was searching for scraprooms on YouTube then linked to yours and your great kits. I'm on a tight budget but someday you will see an order from me. I also visit Scrapbook Central. Besides Michaels its the only other store I go to. I have gone there once to crop with a friend and it was great. I'll be there again July 26th. I saw your great pic with Tim Holtz, I'm officially jealous; again tight budget. You guys are very funny. I enjoy reading your blogs. Maybe someday we'll meet. Thanks again.

bwgayoso said...

Hey girlie, what is up with comcast?? They need to get their act together. Margie, those layouts are beautiful!!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Hey Damaris,

You need Internet and FAST. Must. SEE. July. Kit. Pronto. LOL!!! Glad you have such a loving, talented and Internet-boasting sweet baby sister!!!

Margie, girl, you ROCKED that kit. Seriously. I love all you did. Gotta scrap lift these :-) Hugs, my sweets!

Ady said...

I love, love her layouts. They tell such a beautiful story. I can't wait till your up and running because I can't wait to see the fun stuff you'll be posting.

Anonymous said...

those layouts were amazing! I love that paper from the June kit. Hope you are up and running soon on the internet - it is amazing how much we really on it. I can't wait to see that July kit!
:) Michelle P.

Margie said...

Just read your comment on my blog. You crack me up! RV! lol!