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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why haven't I blogged?....

Had to clean my scrap room...really...ask ADY, MARGIE OR NOEMI...they'll tell you...HAD TO!!

I was putting together a design team for my kit club that launched in May...frakin' good job if you ask me...anybody noticed the battle star galactica

taught 11 classes

celebrated my husbands' birthday

went to Universal Studios with the my children and their respective clubs from school

HAD TO GO TO MIAMI BEACH, for the Girl Scout end of year sleep over at this really great hotel...did I mention it was right on the beach?

put together 729 kits....not that I'm complaining...thank you fantastic customers!!!
Went to my daughter's bridging ceremony where the girls got their Bronze award...CONGRATS:Jacqueline, Samantha, Nadia, Tiffany, Catalina & Summer!

Went to see my son and his presentation on the infamous John Lennon...ASK ME ABOUT THIS IN DETAIL LATER ON!!!!

Went to Jacqueline's ceremonies...too many to did good kiddo!
Went to Lake Okeechobee...(I think that's how you spell it)

Went camping on Dad's land...this place is just freaking' cool. Can't wait til they build their house. It's 5 acres and honestly the nature thing they got going up there is just amazingly beautiful.

Celebrated Elijah's 13th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAGGGGHHHHH!!! I can not believe my son is a teenager!!! SOMEONE...GET ME SOME TISSUE!

These puertoricans know how to CAMP!!! Eggs, bacon, pancakes, even toast! Come on dudes...I can handle this!

And of course..have had long discussion as to why shoes and purses are one of women's happiest pursuits...with my beautiful daughter and's a talk that had to be had!

I skipped some going to Tim Holtz, going to 4 friends birthdays, my children's personal outings, dinners, cooking, cleaning....yes, peeps...this is why I have really not blogged like I should have in the last 30 days!


Anonymous said...

You have been quite busy but that is a blessing!
Michelle P.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

WOW! Girlie, it looks like you have had quite a busy month :-) So fun and entertaining. Love all th ephotos... Lots to scrap, ehe? And CONGRATS!!!! I can't believe that you sold more than 700 kits in just 30 days. You go girl!

Ady said...

What a busy bee you've been. Great photos...You need to get crackin on those layouts.

Ana, Miami said...

Woweee girly! I' exhausted just reading about it! lol
Busy busy busy! Love it it but time flies when your having so much fun. Love thic picks I can just inagine the rest and the layouts watchout scrappers, can;t wait to see some! See you on crop day!

Love ya glad you had a grea time with your family and congratulations to your kids they are some awesome kids!

See ya soon!

Dayami said...

okay, I swear, Im out of breath!!!! You've been able to do all these in just days!!!!!
Loving all the pictures!!!! And loving your "official" scraproom.
thanks for sharing girl!
love ya!