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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WOW...just when you thought everything was under control....

NOT!!!! Well now, where do I begin? This weekend was spent getting organized, FLIPPING my lovely friends and design team, getting ready for a ton of wonderful stuff I am planning on sharing with you my lovely peeps.

So, what happened you may ask?

1) We have NO Internet access. They have no idea when they are going to fix this problem. THIS IS A PROBLEM FOR ME!!!! So if I have not answered emails, or order questions...this is why!!!

2) MY A/C UNIT is NOT WORKING!!! THIS IS A PROBLEM PEOPLE!!!! A/C in Miami, is equivalent to heating for people up north or in cold parts of our country. As my lovely friend Lou would say it is rather difficult dealing with the 1000% humidity factor in Miami. YIKES.

So no a/c, no Internet, no cable....Margie told me that maybe GOD IS TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING....


I am presently blogging from Margie's this is going to be a packed pics...but lots of info.

1) I will begin blogging on a daily basis...(Hopefully beginning tomorrow) to show some sort of scrap booking something, something...
(Michelle P...I know you are going to love this one)!!!

2) I am going to feature a scrap room ALMOST every Monday on the blog. It's called scrapbook Monday...isn't that original? I will features work spaces from all over the place...obviously I am beginning here, since I have a wealth of people to go FLIP!!!! He, hee, haa.

3) In the month of August, I will begin a special project. I am going to be featuring 5 designers a week for 4 weeks in August. HOW DOES THIS WORK you may ask? Well now, I am going to give 5 people per week the same exact supplies...they are going to design two different layouts for me and I will post them daily. I am dying to see what people come up with....many of you have been asked already to participate....and some of you will be getting calls from me (Or emails) very soon.

4) I will hold a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) every two weeks. They are going to involve all kinds of tune in.

5) I am planning a retreat!!!! WHOO HOOO! This is making me very happy as I have been thinking about this for the last 5 years and simply have not done it...but I am in the works with some pretty amazing people and staff soooooo I shall announce the exciting news as soon as I can get the details all sorted out.

6) The kit club is going well, and I shall be posting the JULY kit this coming we9) k.

7) The Mom class has been rescheduled as all the attendees have been advised.

8) The 12 hour crop is almost sold out again peeps...WWHHHOO HOOO! The Goodies are pretty delicious if you ask me!

9) Scrap Pink is filling up rather quickly (September) I am going to cut off the attendance at 12...I am not sure if I want to do more than that...I will keep you posted.

WELL PEEPS...GOTTA GO...The A/c people are supposed to start getting home at 9am.

Thanks Margie for opening your door this morning so that I could blog!

Hugs and send a prayer for me...I would really appreciate it.


bwgayoso said...

Girlie! A scrapbook retreat! You know I'm there! Woohoo! I can't wait ; )

Anonymous said...

you are the bomb! I can't wait to see those daily blogs. there are so many things going on in that head of yours - I don't know how you do it all.
I truly hope that AC of yours gets fixed soon - especially with how hot and humid it is. I was sweating just walking to my car this morning.

Anonymous said...

oops - I forgot to sign my name to the previous blog. -Michelle P.

Ady said...

Hay mi amiga, what can I possibly say to make things better for you. I'll bring you an ice cold Coca-Cola. That always works...

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

A 12-hour crop? Check. Y'know I'm confirmed for sure! Already told the hubby.

A Scrap pink event in Sept? What date is it again? I wanna go!

A retreat?! Whoohoo! Do share more details! :-)

My advise during this steamy hot summer with no A/C in Miami??? Just wear your birthday suit and don't sweat it sister! HUGS!!!

Margie said...

I'm cracking up here reading your blog and your peeps comments. How funny! Um...retreat? So interested!

Anonymous said...

I think this retreat thing is a great idea.

Just remember to make sure that the hotel you choose has a pool and plenty of activities for the kids. I'm sure this will be very important to all the ladies so they'll have time to actually scrap.

Lots of love your Hubby,


Ana, Miami said...

Just thought I would drop in and see how things are going! Hope everyone is back under control and your a/c is working, that is theworst and with the humidity, yikes girlfriend!

Just thinking about you and thought I would say hello! Hope the lord continues to look down on you and eventhough it may seem as if the rope is being tightenwhen it losens watch out!

The best to you!
see you soon!