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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy FATHER'S Day everyone. I just want to take a minute and thank some absolutely wondeful fathers in my life.

This is my dad. He is the best daddy any girl could ever ask for. He is an amazing man who loves the Lord and taught 5 kids that through Christ...everything is possible. My dad has taught me honor, fidelity, love, compassion, forgiveness, friendship, and a love for GOD that has only enabled me to deal with amazingly difficult and hurtful situations in my life. Since I was a little girl, dad always told me I could achieve pretty much anything in life, if I simply wanted it bad enough. I have always known I am loved. He holds his family first in his life and has taught all his children to honor our familial bond He is an amazing man who honors his family on a daily basis. I LOVE YOU DADDY! He is my favorite dad.

This is my dad and my uncle Everaldo. Tio Eve, (pronunced avay) is one cool dude in my book. He is super quiet when it comes to super serious situations in the family, but he would do anything for his 4 beautiful daughters and his wife. He is funny and one of the sweetest men you will ever meet. You know he loves you no matter what. He has taught me that it is never too late to mend fences and to honor relationships. He is one my favorite dad's.

My uncle Raul is an amazing dad. His heart of full of gold and honestly, he is such an amazing interesting person. I can talk about ANYTHING with this man. He is so freakin' cool. He loves his 3 children unconditionally, and has instilled the love of family in them. He is one of the most generous persons I know..that is including the spiritual, financial and emotional realm. He is one of my favorite dads. (I'm sorry...his pic did not download!!!!)
This is Irving my brother in law. WOW...How I love this guy. He is such a great dad. He loves his kids with all his heart. He is such an example to those little ones, and let me tell you...they watch him! (those kids have heart shapes in their eyes when they look at He is an honorable man and loves God with all his heart. It shows in his daily life and you can see it physically when he interacts with his children. He is one of my favorite dads.

This is dad and my husband Richard. Well, now, what can I say about Rios....
He has taught our children to love God above everything else. He has such a special relationship with Elijah, that it's pretty cool to see those two hang out. They play a ton of games and are ALWAYS HORSING AROUND!!! He loves his kids unconditionally and they know it. He is learning to be a better dad to a young girl and her growing mood swings. He is able to change and accept that children are on a road of constant change and growth. He is wise to comprehend that we are the foundation on which they grow. He is a constant in their lives and shows them that it is ok to make mistakes, because you can always go back and make them right. He is an amazing dad to our kids. Who knew he would be such a fantastic father? I DID. He is my second favorite dad...because he gave me my children.


Ady said...

what a beautiful post. Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in your life.

Trish said...

Isn't this the sweetest post! You big sap--those men are lucky to have you too, girl!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

What a sweet, sweet post!!! Glad you enjoyed your day with these special men in your life! :-) Can't wait to crop with you soon! Whoohoo!!! HUGS!

Ana, Miami said...

Wow what a great group of Dad's.
i hope everyone enjoyed their day with you and your family. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family as he has me and mine. Love ya
The best to all.

See you soon!