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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


July is ALL ABOUT: K & CO and the Saffron line. I'm in love...and so is the design team. Lots of goodness here peeps. The paper is fabulous...and I decided to make a smaller kit this month...he,hee....and guess what...this kit ended up with 24 patterned paper and 6 Bazzill card stocks!!!

That's read right. This kit contains 30 sheets of paper...delicious!!! LOVE IT!!! We already have some designs for you and of course will be posting on the first of July. The cost of this kit is $39.00 dollars. I only made a small amount of these kits so please be aware that they are VERY LIMITED. You must email me with a request for the JULY KIT at!!! I will then send you a pay pal invoice.

As you can see...cable is, let's see how long it will last. To all my wonderful peeps...please be patient as I am trying to read all these emails and respond immediately....I read and responded to 67 emails so far today....If you need something immediately CALL ME!!!
OK ON to some good stuff.
I will begin displaying some videos beginning tomorrow. Some funny stuff there peeps!!! Can't wait to share.
Got some really great classes going on this summer. Stay in the loop...some really great scrap booking goodness happening here.
Also, just for your INFO!!!!!!
SCRAP BOOKING YARD SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July the 5Th...that's right. Right here. I have begun to clean my PERSONAL AREA (SCARY) and wowsa...can you believe the stuff we have? Geez...I can't believe I let myself fall into this. Also the business had a ton of stuff that really simply had to be moved. So a Scrap booking (YARD SALE) it is. I'm sharing the wealth and everything has got to go so make sure get up nice and early and come and visit me. (10am-12pm).
By the way, check out Margie's blog!!!! I thought it was really funny, so since I am in such a good mood, (amazing what cable will do for a girl!!!) if you leave a comment here, AND on Margie's blog (HAS TO BE BOTH) Margie and I will select not 1 but 2 lovely people for a special surprise. We shall select the winners by tomorrow (Thursday night).


Balou said...

OMG!!! I hate you, you know that?? Here I am trying to be good and not spend money and you keep putting together these fabulous kits and I am unable to stop myself from reaching for the checkbook! Me cago en ti!!

(Not really... lol! I love you!! Oh. My. God. Please stop me before I shop again!)

Damaris said...

BALOU my darling friend:
YOU FREAKING CRACK ME UP...make sure you post on Margie' never know!
Te quiero y me quedo Corta!

Ady said...

Too funny, wait until you see what I've created with the July kit. I am on a roll... Can't wait to have scrap time on Saturday...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the kit - as I told you yesterday on the phone - I knew it would be beautiful. I will be there Saturday. I want to also see some of Ady's creations with the kit. Hugs, Michelle P.

Laura Lopez said...

It's really nice to have you back! I miss our daily long distance chats! lol. I can't believe you are having a yard sale and I'm 200 miles away! Take some pictures so I can do some long distance shopping.I love getting mail! lol especially when it's scrapbook supplies...
Hugs and kisses!

bwgayoso said...

That is a beautiful kit Damaris! Why am I always broke ;{

Ady, can't wait to see what you did with it.

Damaris said...

probably because of your addiction to this scrapbooking!!!

RosieTheMET said...

i wish i lived in Miami! You girls always get together!!! i'm jealous! maybe one day I'll visit when you have something delicious goin on. until then, lots of love from California! =)


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

What a bunch of deliciousness! I love this Wild Saffron line :-) Can't wait to see what beautiful creations everyone comes up with this month! Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

cool papers!