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Friday, June 13, 2008


Wow, so like the FIRST week of kids being off school...just flew what did we do? Hhhmmm.....
1. Went shopping at Target
2. Went shopping at Publix
3. Went to Mc Donald's...of course this was the kids idea
4. Went shopping at Macy's
5. Went to visit the grandparents (my parents)
6. Completed a couple of mini books
7. Went to CVS and printed exactly 869 pictures
8. Worked on the MOTHER book...gosh this is my favorite project for this far...
9. Worked on the July Kit...gotta love it
10.Worked on a 12x12 album kit that will be revealed soon
11.emailed all my customers of two really great events coming up
12.Taught a really great altered album class for some lovely young ladies
13.Talked to Trish
14.Talked to my husband...he, hee...ok...that i do all day...LOL.
That's about it...hey kids are getting up around the house is super quiet and honestly...what great time to get my projects rolling.
I have some really exciting news for you beginning Monday.
HINT: It will be a daily thing...can't wait to share....stay tuned.

hey...can't post without some pictures....this family takes their football pretty seriously...even when some of them have not changed from their SUNDAY best outfits....he, hee...


Ady said...

Now I know why you haven't called me. You've been a busy bee. Me too...I'm getting home from work really late. We will definitely talk today. I'm having Mary withdrawal... LOL

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see the July kit and the new 12 x 12 album kit - I hate when you tease us!! I have been busy scrapbooking too. I have actually been doing about an hour every night. Have a great weekend!
Michelle P.

Dayami said...

HEY! you spoke to me too!!!! Put it on the list...NOW!!!

bwgayoso said...

Wow girlie! You've been very busy. But, busy is good ; )

Trish said...

What? That's IT? Come on. Get with the program!! HA!

Anonymous said...

Hi D- Great to have met you today... You have great stuff and cool ideas... Can't wait to take a class :) Jackie P. (Shennie's friend)