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Thursday, September 4, 2008


OK...lately the craze here has been flowers. I am not able to keep them stocked long enough and it's an aweful lot of fun to see what my gals can come up with when they get their hands on flowers. So in the spirit of are some of the flowers that are presently in stock right now. ENJOY

Thee Fabric Flourishes are from Imaginisce. They go for $2.99 and come in quite a bit of colors.

Petaloo Mini's. They have a million in each package..OK..not quite a million but darn close...They come in different colors and already have the bling attached....gotta love bling girls...come on! These go for $3.50 a pack. Sweet!

Prima is kicking house!!!! These are the lovely Obsession Line and gotta love all these deliciousness. The colors rock and they flowers are..HELLO...embossed. Is that cute or WHAT? These go for $5.99

These lovely ladies are from Petaloo...and hello....the prices are insanely low for such pretty flowers. The red ones go for $1.99 and the double wammee colors are $2.99...for all those flowers. THAT IS A BARGAIN!!! These are quite large in size and are perfect for making some quick pages....gotta love that!

These great tubes are from PRIMA and were released at CHA Summer 2008. They have a great deal of flowers (OVER 50). The cost is pretty great too...$4.99 a tube. Love that you can keep the tube for future storage once the flowers are all used up. GREAT IDEA!!!

These Paper flowers are from Bazzill and have some of the prettiest coordinating brads I have seen. The brads are quite lare in size and are really pretty. These come in in four sizes and are one of my favorites right now.

OK...I had a ton more....but something happened to my blogging sphere and I can not download any more pics...but I will try again tomorrow...maybe...I have a couple of other goodies I shall be sharing. LOL
Well that's it for today.


Anonymous said...

LOVE those flowers! especially the ones that already come with the bling. I definitely want those. :) Michelle P.

Ady said...

I love flowers but they never seem to get on my scrapbook pages. Can anyone tell me why?

Anie said...

Ok!!!!!I loovvee the flowers I will take one of each.....If I can put a flower in each one of my pages I would.....LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE them:) Annie

Anonymous said...

Mary, those flowers are beautiful. I need to restock and what better way to use my gift certificates!

Love, Nay