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Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy birthday to my honey's and other stuff...

Ok..this picture is pretty bad, but peeps, I am in a hurry and wanted to do a drive by post. Happy Birthday RIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My honey's is almost 50...ok,not true, he has six more years to go but he is getting there 2 years ahead of me...RIGHT IRVING? He, hee,hee!!! (Can you see the background? It's full of all the projects I am picking up NOW because I have my 2nd National Scrapbook Day session tomorrow....I am on a roll peeps. The mojo is definitely in the house.
Wanted to let you know...I switched this class up...of course I did. You know how it is, we tend to interpret stuff differently...I had to add some more stuff cause that's just me. I am very happy with this family book and considering the size it is absolutely worth every penny. I am giving this class again on Saturday, May 16, 2009 from 9am - 12pm.

I ran across this layout in my travels quite a while's really been a while. Not sure who created it...Christine Navarro? Not sure, but I absolutely love this layout. Thought I share something funky & purty. If you know who the artist is please share, I would love to give her her dues.

I am sssoooooooo getting these.......have no idea where I am putting them, But I am ssssssssssooooo getting them.

Got to tell you, I have found a great blog. I really love this blogging world. God has placed some amazing women in my path and the truth is we have become friends. Well, I am going to post on someone tomorrow...has nothing to do with scrapbooking but she is a mom and has the same frustrations as all of us....Oh my goodness, I was rolling on the floor when I read her tomorrow I shall share the one who i am stalking...he,hee,hee....
I am celebrating with the one I love. By the way, the new Star Trek movie ROCKED!!!!! We began his birthday celebration by taking him to the movies this morning and then to lunch. Let me tell you that movie was awesome. Will definitely be buying the cd when it is released. Gotta' go.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rios!! Michelle P.

Haberdawoman said...

Happy Bday Rios!
We share the same birthday which means you are a Taurus which means you are great people, loyal, honest and a hard worker. Have a wonderful weekend! Damaris I am emailing you tonight.
BIG HUGS!!!!!!

alma said...

Teacher feliz cumple a tu esposo.
Saludos, Alma

Sharon said...

Happy B-day Richard! Hope he had a great day today. Hey, I want some luggage like that! Where can I find those? Please share the knowledge!

Scrappin Susie said...

I just found your blog...Love your work. Where on earth did you find that cute luggage? the green will fit my theme!

Dayami said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Loving those luggage!
I bought mine at Pier1Kids and I use them for my inks, embossing powders, heat gun & clear blocks.
Love them!!!

ps where did you find these?