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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have been working on National Scrapbook Day, and honestly, I am really glad that I do this for a living...but sometimes...I wish I was the customer.. LOL.
I have some pretty cool goodies, coming my attendees way. I am so excited I feel like a kid. I love to give away PRETTY things. What's the point if it's not pretty? I want to share, but I have been told to shut my trap and keep the surprise. (I hate surprises by the way).
Anyway, I have been working like horse to get some projects out by this coming weekend. I will be posting on all the goodies hopefully by tomorrow.
Now onto PERSONAL stuff: Jacqueline got accepted to Ammons, and she also received her yellow belt today. D'angelo got his orange belt...congrats kids!!!!!! Also, today, Ely, turned 40...we'll be celebrating her birthday this Friday night. Happy birthday sis!


Ana, Miami said...

girl i think we are all excited. Alma and I keep talking about it and wish it were here. Can't wait to see the goodies. You always give great things. Congratulations to your kids they are progressing greatly in life that will give them an awesome future. Happy birthday to you sis hope the celbreations is grand!

well gotta get back to work talk to you soon and see you on the blog.


Ana G.

Alma said...

la verdad es que nosotras tambien estamos muy contenta esperando con ansias ese dia. Te felicito por tus muchachos me alegro mucho por sus logros.
Yo gracias a Dios estoy mejor de mi bronquitis ya mi esposo quito la alfombra de la casa asi que espero que nos curemos del todo. jejeje.
Besos, ALma.

Trish said...

I am also doing a big crop here for NSD--we have to figure out how to hook up, huh?

I am sssoooooooo overdue in emailing you back! You have no idea how excited I am...and I promise I will do my best!

I really wish I knew Spanish and could read the comments! LOL! Why did I take French in hs? Useless!

Spill the beans to me and I'll pick your brain on NSD. Maybe we can swap ideas? How fun would that be!!

Congrats to you proud mama--and have fun at your sister's party!

Damaris said...

If you can't understand something...I shall me...I shall share..that way, I can spill the beans to someone as to what the girls are getting. Check your email today!

Ady said...

It's so awesome that our children have created a wonderful friendship just like the one we have. I can't wait for NSD...