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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Working, working, working

on kits and class projects. I am a super little busy bee. My kitchen table is full of goodies, my work space is full of boxes, my store area is full of pink room is clean...can't mess up that pretty space..he, hee.
All is well here. Thank the LORD JESUS...I hear the celestial angels singing! Spring Break is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy...I think I am happier than my own kids. I just want to keep it LOW KEY this week. We'll do local stuff and sleep in until 7 at least! We'll see. I have a ton of stuff going on, and just getting ready. I have Jacqueline's birthday this week, so we shall see how all my events come along. I shall post pics...I promise.
By the way, Dayami, is really sick so say a prayer for her people. Alma is on her way to glad she's feeling better and the kids too. Poor little things! It's everywhere. Everyone is sick man! It's just a miserable flu season here.
Anyway, I hope all is fine in every one's end and I have to say it:
I can not wait to share all the stuff with the gang. I feel like a kid waiting to give goodies away. can't wait. Catch ya' all tomorrow.


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacqueline!!! Hope she has a great day! Hugs!!! I can't wait till NSD. I'm very excited and so ready for this :-)

Dayami said...

Hey you my little buddy!!! I am sooo jealous of all the goodies, and your *HOT*, AWESOME, pink room and all the yumminess, my friend.
Thank you so much for being so sweet and calling me to know about me and THANKS TO YOUR AWESOME GIRLS like the sweethearts that left such a sweet message on my blog. You guys are sooo awesome. Thank you and God bless you and your awesome girls, my friend.