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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Life is good

Good morning everyone. I am really running on some phenomenal CAFE CON LECHe...BUSTELO baby!!! My house smells like a puertorican Starbucks...hee, hee...sooo good. As many of you know...I loooovvveeee my coffee.
OK: on to some serious things: I am happy to report that Alma, and her babies are doing well. A lot better! Dayami, is on the way to recovery...that horrible episode turned out to be sinuses...really bad case. I know Ady, can relate to this since she had a really bad case last year. My gosh, peeps..isn't it amazing how incredible frail our bodies are? We are just so blessed to be living in a country where medical attention is so readily available to us. Really.
Now onto some exciting news:
I will be hosting another 10 page class on April 13, 2008, from 9am to 12pm. Please make sure you register for this class as I only have 9 spots available as of this morning. The paper line will be the American Craft...Spring/Summer.
I will have a revised schedule of all classes by tomorrow. So make sure you are on the look out for the schedule.
I have a ton of new merchandise, so make sure to drop by and check out the new goodies. They are leaving the premises pretty quickly..which of course makes me happy, but upsets some of you..sorry girls. (some of you do not let me even put prices on the grab from the boxes...I will not mention any names...You know who you are !!!!!!) LOL. On a personal level
Send up a prayer for TRISH... she needs some heavenly help TODAY...she has a deadline she needs to meet TODAY, and I know that God can clear the way. For those of you who do not know her...Just mention her name to THE MAN upstairs, as he knows who she Check out her blog at: Those kits are pretty delicious. I have some of her stuff here...come over and check it out if you want. Worth every single penny.
Got to run...I HAVE A HOT DATE WITH A DELICIOUS LITTLE cousin Layla. She invited me over to her house...and her grandma (my aunt) is cooking for me...(just for the record this was all scheduled without consulting the adults in Layla's life..he, hee ha) Of course I accepted the invitation, as I was having this amazing craving for my Aunt Puchy's famous meatballs. I swear girls...I am going to take a picture of those critters and post them tomorrow...SO DELISH!
Bueno, talk to you later..i AM working on kits and projects...whoo hoooo...and guess what?????????


Ady said...

I love that AC kit. You know I want one. Just send me a paypal invoice. I want the kit that has everything under the sun.LOL.. oh and I want it like yesterday. :-) Have a great Monday. I'm still so tired...

Ana, Miami said...

WOW You have so much going on, you go girl! Good luck on everything. Can't wait until NSD yes, 2 weeks! Hope you had a great time yesterday! Kids are out of school and there is so much goin on gotta lvoe it!

take care!

Trish said...

I love you girl! Thanks for they prayers--they worked, believe me! All smiles today my friend! TTYL!