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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Good Morning everyone. I just want to take a moment and simply reflect on some thoughts that I have this Sunday morning.
My heart is full of joy knowing that I am loved by an amazing God. I feel so blessed that He has placed so many wonderful people in my path. Some are still here, some have gone away, and others were simply passing through. I have known for many years that not everyone you meet stays in your life. Yet, as the years go by, you reflect and see that each and everyone of those people served a purpose.
At this time in my life I can not say that I am glad for all those who walked through. Some of the lessons that some brought....I am still healing from. But without those lessons I would not be the person who I am today.
I am eternally grateful for the abundance of blessings I receive every day in my life...and just because of that.....I know I am blessed.
I thank God today for giving us His only Son.
I thank God for remembering my name.
I thank God for my family.
I thank God for my friends.
I thank God for helping me understand that we are not perfect, but in spite of our imperfections we see His glory everyday in each one of us.
I thank God because tomorrow will be a better day.

God bless and double the hugs


Ana, Miami said...

Hey sweetie

may this day have been a blessed as i see that it is becasue of such beautiful children and a great husband and of course for the person you are. Such a peacefule day on this resurrection day may we be blessed of loved everyday of our lives by the wonderful god above.

God bless and may tomorrow bring more blessing than we ahve already recieved..
take care
love ya

Ady said...

I love you my friend. Happy Easter...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite for dinner! Had a great time and my belly was very happy with you! I love you very much! Muah!

Margie B.

Trish said...

What a beautiful post...from a beautiful woman! You made me smile when I read this...