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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Gosh, I was so sick for so long that I did not post about so many great things that were happening in my life since get ready for a long post ladies. (But I included pictures..wink!)

This is my sister Margie and me at Build a Bear with our kids. (She's the skinny
Jacqueline, Evelyn and now Alyssa love that place...and we always seem to go broke every time we go I am boycotting and no more visits until next year!!! The thing is that were the heck do you put all these bears once you get them home? Jacqueline is up to 12 bears...ENOUGH!

This is my sister Ely and my favorite nephew in the whole wide world, Caleb. They are building

the EXPEDIT cases from IKEA. Love those things. They are great and look so pretty and the best thing of all they

house all my junk in my scrapbook room. Ely did a good job, my brother in law Irving also helped build them...but Caleb is so much cuter that I had to post about him...Isn't he adorable? Of course he had to play in them after he was done. I swear, he is going to be handy, just like his wonderful daddy.

Here is a picture of Elijah...WITH HAIR!!!!! I think he looks adorable. He posed for me this morning so that I could blog about his hair. We were cracking up. (Ady, look how nice my landscaping looks in pictures!!!!) Looks pretty bad in real life people. What can I say...gardening is definitely not my thing. Hey I cook 3 meals a day...that's enough for the overachiever department!!! LOL.

As many of you know, I celebrated my birthday last month, and never blogged about it or posted pictures...(Ady took most of her pictures with her camera and I have not gotten an actual cd so here are some of the pics...

These are the goodie bags and goodies that I gave to each girl that came. They got paper, embellishments a mini album, the little box was full of homemade cookies that OF COURSE JACQUELINE MADE. The cellophane pink gift was a little pink like box full of stuff to do a manicure/pedicure. I put the thank you cards attached to the bag, and each flower had the girls first initial of their names. My aunts gave me this absolutely beautiful Brighton bracelet.

I got so many wonderful gifts...I was just simply overwhelmed.

I got a signed copy of the Dares book. I got MONEY...(which of course I spent ALL OF IT at Scrap Central where we celebrated my birthday). That store is amazing. IT is huge and just full of a ton of goodies. LOVE IT! The owner Michelle is a sweetheart. It's located in Coconut Creek, Florida. Great place to shop and get your scrapbooking stuff. Anyway, got tons of amazing things like, a jewelry box with my favorite pattern, The Ali Edwards Day in a week or life..kit, A Frame that says SISTERS with pictures of me and all my sisters inserted already...LOVE IT!!! Got kits, IKEA organization boxes, Target gift certificates and lotions and oh my...Thank you to all my wonderful friends...YOU GUYS ROCK and I could not be blessed any more than with the set of friends God has bestowed upon me...I HOPE WE ALL GROW OLD TOGETHER. LOVE YOU GIRLS!
OK: That's enough for today. Got to go and work now.


Ana, Miami said...

Looks like your birthday was awesome glad you enjoyed it, Alma told me all about it. Was great! Elijah is so cute with hair gotta love him. I loved the ikea shelves you got they look great and hold alot of things. I am trying to work on something in my room in order to store all the stuff I am acquiring as times goes on. Hope I can keep posting my computer at home crashed and I just got my laptop back, have to put bellsouth on it. Well Hope you have a great easter with your family and enjoy the weekend.

love ya lots
take Care
Ana g

Ady said...

You are on a role. I'm jealous... Great photos. I promise to get you those photos soon. I posted an update on all the things that I have to post about next week. I had such a good time at your party and I love all the presents you received too.

Anonymous said...

Okay...I must agree with you on the Build a Bear situation. I just told Ely the other day that we were done with the bears. I kinda want to strangle you to death every time I'm cleaning the kids room and picking up the itty bitty clear sandals, and the itty bitty roller skates, and the the itty bitty capri jeans! Te lo digo que me tienen mal! So, NO MORE BUILD A BEAR ANYTHING! I mean it! Thank you but...NO MORE! Okay, now that I have gotten that off my chest, yes your party was very nice! I got to finish Caleb's album that day so it was a very special day in my life as well! Can't wait to scrap tomorrow! Love ya!

Margie B.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I had such a great time at your birthday party!!! :-) I'm so glad that you liked your DARES book so very much and the other presents, too! Love all the pics you posted... See ya soon and I'm so looking forward to NSD... I can't wait! Hugs!

Anilu Magloire said...

Happy B-day!!! I missed your posts.
I can't wait to get my MM organizer. Nati is under the weather with the flu, but I'll try to come get it soon :)