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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hey gang:

posting just to make sure you guys do have somewhere to place your comments for the contest. OK...I promise to post later on in the day...sometime after 2:00pm...I have been tagged so many times that I am here it is:

7 Random things about me.

1. I love to cook, READ, pray AND watch VAMPIRE MOVIES...DON'T ASK!!!
2. I would do anything for my family...they are the best...I AM DEFINITELY A DADDY'S GIRL & mom is the best women on this planet
3.. I adore my sisters: Ely, Bethsy and Margie..they are truly great women
4. I love these very special bestest friends: Noemi, Ady, Mitza, Smirna, Gladys, Alma..I tend to keep friends forever. Noemi and Smirna have been in mi life over 25 years..yikes! Mitza is in the 20 year plus. Gladys has been around for 14 years this August. Ady came in 9 years ago and Alma is the new addition who we ALL LOVE! (I thought about exchanging them FOR A NEW SET OF FRIENDS...but decided to factor in all the good times and the amazing experiences we have NOPE...I'll definitely keep this line up in my life!!!!!) LOL...I CRACK MYSELF UP!!!
5. My favorite places are Disney World, Nick Hotel, Maine, New York City, and my home
6. I was born in Puerto Rico, but have lived in: New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida
7. I am normally a happy person. I believe that tomorrow will be a better day.



Ana, Miami said...

Hey girl! Glad your blogging. I hope someday to be part of the freinds club :-) lol!
Tomorrow is alwasy a better because live for that day! Today is good but tomorrow is best. I love to know people who are so clos to their family and friends, that is such a great and special thing to have. God bless all of those who have it.

Well girl gotta go still at work can't to blog tomorro.

Happy Easter week to All!

Ana G.

Anonymous said...

It's Me again! Mary's favorite sister Margie! Someday I will create a blogging address thingy magiggy but for now I shall remain anonymous! In a rush like always...on my way to pick up my most favoritist person in the whole wide world who's airplane is arriving in about 2 hours! Woohoo! Oh...I'm talking about my hubby, Mr. Irving! Anyway, here's my comment for the day...maybe I'll write some more later. Love ya...
Mizz Margie B!

Ady said...

I'm on the list... Whopie... Wow, it seems like we met yesterday. Time sure flies when your having fun... You forgot to mention our Coco-cola addiction...

Anonymous said...

For those that don't know, I'm the crazy cry for hours, scream for minutes, laugh forever, go shopping, family parties, kids birthdays, when the kids are driving us crazy, male bashing (sorry Richard), talk over dinner(especially since Damaris cooks for me), tacita de cafe, I'm at Big Lots - they have ..., LOVE DAMARIS FOREVER AND EVER kind of friend.

Twenty five years together earns us at least that much!!!

Love ya lots, NOEMI

Anonymous said...

Chicas les cuento, que he estado muy mal de la gripe, bronquitis, bueno la verdad es que ya no se ni lo que tengo, hoy me siento un poco mejor pero he tenido dos semanas muy malas. Hoy mi amiga Damaris a alegrado mi dia porque hoy por primera vez he podido ver mi computadora y me encontre con la linda sorpresa que formo parte de una lista muy importante. Quiero que sepan todas que yo tambien les he tomado mucho cariƱo y espero siempre estar muy cerca de ustedes. Besos a todas.