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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday CALEB!!!

MY beautiful FAVORITE nephew's birthday was yesterday. (It's besides the point that HE IS MY ONLY NEPHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I was able to pick him up in the morning, went shopping (really easy and the most inexpensive shopping trips I take when I am with this little one)....all he wants is bubble stuff and CARS be FOUR again.

happy birthday CALEB!!!!!

After our little excursion we went Steve's's a YUMMO local Pizzeria. (HIS PICK)
LOL!!!! His pizza slice is bigger than him...LOL...
This is how the conversation went down on Sunday.
ME: Caleb, I am going to pick you up on Tuesday morning and take you shopping for your birthday.

CALEB: YEAH..yeah Titi Mary. I'm gonna be with you all day!!!

ME: No Caleb. I have to bring you back early, because your Daddy and Mom have something special planned for you.
CALEB: But I want to be with you all day.
ME: That's really nice kiddo...but Daddy and mommy have a really cool surprise for you.
CALEB: But I want to stay with can bring me back.
ME: Thank you Caleb. I appreciate you for coming to terms and agreeing with the adult plans that have been set forth for you kiddo. Do you want me to take you out for breakfast or lunch?

CALEB: (AFTER SOME HEAVY THINKING HERE) Titi Mary is Pizza breakfast or lunch?

ME: That would be lunch my little one.

CALEB: Then I want lunch Titi Mary. I want yummy pizza...where you (taken )me and Alyssa.
Oh to be four again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How I love this little boy. I only wish him the best. I pray that God continue to bless him giving him health, joy, happiness and lots of wisdom as he continues to grow and learn about himself....oh to be FOUR again.
Life is good my is good.


Anonymous said...

que lindo! i love that age.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!!! Gotta love him :-)