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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where did the Summer go????

I have no clue, but I am running around like a crazy puertorican this week. Getting ready for school, finishing projects, cleaning the house, outings and more outings. I feel a little crazy...ok...A LOT C R A Z Y!!! Not overwhelmed yet...but sure about to get there.

For those of you who are attending the retreat...I don't know if I like you any more!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...I'm only kitting....(Caleb talks like that..he,hee,hee). No girls, I love you so much that I am driving myself crazy...why you may ask? Well, let me tell you: because me being me, I want you to have the best time ever and I want to make sure it's over the TOP...which you should all know....THAT'S ME...over the top CROP QUEEN

I truly believe that after this retreat, I should be call: Senora EMPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What you think? I have officially surpassed the QUEEN reality checks here...I believe I deserve to have this delusional fantasy.....

OK, let me stop talking garbage and get back to reality. My home is a warehouse! Boxes and boxes of cra.....I mean goodies for this retreat. If anyone is desiring this event to get here like uuhhmmm NOW, I guarantee you it's's me...(Imagine myself jumping up with my hand up in the Welcome back Kotter. (SO SHOWING MY AGE).

Check out this beauty created by Oddbjorg Ringsby. The products are are from PRIMA. The products are freaking amazing. I am on a high with Prima lately....can you tell? Check out the new vines. This white one is one of the many that have been just released.
REMINDER: Make sure you become a follower!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I will be giving away that RAK.
And off I go....It's a beautiful new day.



Ady said...

I will let you have your fantasy only because you are working your butt off to make this an incredible retreat for your customers... It's almost hear only 23 days... Oh my favorite number...

Trish said...

It's official.


I so wish I could go....

Miss you girl! Keep truckin'...

Love ya!

Maritza said...

You are a blogging maniac. I love it. I CAN'T WAITTTTTT. Thats me screaming in my head. LOL.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hehehehehehehe....."Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter!!!!" LOL! LOL! LOL! Now who is showing her age???? LOL!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that LO......JUST GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Ana, Miami said...

As alwys you are it!!!!! The bomb!!!! i haven't been keeping up was in Niagara Falls, awesome!!!!! I can't wait for the retrea it should be, no will be out of control as your stuff always is but this I am sure will be way over!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love ya

alma said...

Ya es 11 de sept. Ya quiero que sea.
Suerte en todo te quiero siempre.
Descansa un poquito,para que tengas energia.