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Friday, August 7, 2009

Some new goodies coming in our way.....

Ok my lovely gals.....I promise....this is some good stuff!!!

I love myself some new product. BUT I LOVE IT EVEN BETTER WHEN It's something that I can actually use OFTEN. You know what I am talking about!!!!!!

I want to show you some of my ALL TIME favorites as of today. There are a ton of them, so as I go experimenting here I promise to share the GOOD and the BAD...(OK not the bad...It has to be really UGLY and BAD for me to say something). I will be elaborating more on this tools and kits during the next couple of weeks as I finish my projects....lots of goodies on the tables right now.

Here is my list for today.

Gotta love this tool. Darn...IT"S PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on with me. PINK. Too darn cute, but the zing that you work with is DELISH!!!! I am thinking about doing a little FLIP video on this one something within the next month.
YOU Have got to get this................NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24 of these babies flew right off the not despair I ordered another 24. This has got to be one of my favorite tools. This Mini attacher from our FAV Tim Holtz is the best stapler I HAVE EVER USED!!!! It's perfect for scrapbooking and it staples through acrylic, paper, chipboard and (I even used it on light metal sheets) LIKE BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise this is going to be one of those tools that you are going to say......It was worth every penny. GET ONE!!!! I promise you will thank me. This craft sheet from Tattered Angels is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are HUGE and I love it because as I have been on a Tattered ANGEL GLITTER MIST CRAZE, it seems that sometimes the spray has gotten a bit ahead of me....sprayed the kitchen counter the dinning room table and ok, got on the tile too....who knew? But let me tell you the darn stuff came off with some Lysol Kitchen cleaner. (IT DID NOT COME OFF MY LOVELY WHITE SHIRT...but who decides to glitter mist with a new white shirt....yup...Me...sigh) Any hoo...great craft mat.

A sneakky peakky at the Teresa Friend Album I am teaching a the Beach Retreat.....I think I will have some of these left over...I will post more on this later.

Yup...these have shipped and are on their way....They are called T-DROPS. And they even have the metal attachers for you to simply open and attach to your altered projects...HAY DIOS still my heart. They come in blue, black, white, and red.....(TERESA COLLINS? GIRL...WHAT HAPPENED TO SOME PINK?....I am so having a chat with her!!! lol)

WEBSTERS PAGES KIT....A SWEET LIFE....oh my, oh my, oh my....I only have 6 of these left, so make sure to give me a holler if you want one of these babies...I will be posting some LO real soon on this baby.

Well, I am going to leave you with enough eye candy for today. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy creating and spending time with your families.
I have a weekend date with some paper, embellies, chipboard .... oh yeah...HOT DATE!!! LOL.


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

my, oh my, I think I have to check out that Tim Holtz stapler... I am also loving those T-Drops and the new Webster's Pages... good stuff... HUGS!!

Ady said...

I definitely want that stapler when it gets in. Okeedokee!

Sasha said...

I have been looking for that stapler .. they sold out of it at the last crop and it is SO SMOOTH for real ..