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Monday, September 15, 2008

MONDAY September 15, 2008

Girls, I am kitting and uhhmmm....yeah kitting. Heading out to the dentist and turning in some mini books that I really should have turned in in the late 1600's.....get it? LOL.

Thank you all for your kind words and support. This weekend was really an emotional battle for me, as I kept crying on and off. I went to church yesterday and honestly it was so soothing. I felt my spirit at peace, and that is something that I really needed. Still mourning but I feel serenity which is one thing I look for in my life on a daily basis. I have attached Aleida's link for those of you who could not find it.
I completed a little mini album on Elijah on his 6th grade year, this weekend. Since Aleida's death, this past Friday, I am so bent on finishing my personal projects, so what better time than the present. Will try to post the finished product by tomorrow.

OK...let's have SOME HAPPY NEWS. THE WINNER OF THE RAK IS: Haberdawoman. Please email me at with your info, and I shall send you, your goodie.
ONTO SOME SCRAPPY NEWS.....................LOOK WHAT'S COMING IN..........
I have ordered these. I think they are on back order....Lord knows...I have so much stuff coming in from everywhere, that I am so confusssseessees!! (THIS WILL SO BE A CLASS!!!!) I already sketched it, saw it in my brain, colored it...and its ready to go..(smile)

These are ordered. too........will probably take a zillion years to get here as most of the stuff I have been ordering lately, what can I say? Vendors are WONDERFUL!!! (tongue in cheek here). HAD TO POST baby is no longer a baby...he is a little man. (I don't care how old he gets...he will ALWAYS BE MY BABY)!!! This boy really is a sweetie. He has a heart of gold...even though he loooooooooooooves to irritate us and especially his cousin Caleb...gotta love him. DELISH! OK: Enough drooling over my, hee, haa.

Anyway, have to go. I have a hot date with a dentist.


Camille said...

Hi ya,
Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. It seems in this online scrapbook community that we become so close to those we interact with that it's difficult for those who are not involved to understand how we can experience such a loss for someone we never saw face to face.

I'm going to link your blog. It's good reading. :)

Sharon said...

Love the delishousness! LOL Gotta be on that class for sure. Save me a spot!

Haberdawoman said...

I can NOT get over it.
I have never ever won anything, so please excuse my excitement.

Thank you oh so much :-)

Haberdawoman said...

Oh my word!
I am in love with that black and white book. I want it, need it, gotta have it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, the moment you get them in can I buy one?