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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some more eye candy for the season.....

my lovely friend Ady, made one of my favorite chipboard mini albums. I can not display the whole thing because.....she has been published...whoooo hooooo!
I am so proud of my friend. I feel like the mother hen, who gave her chicks basics and they flew the coop and are flying...OK...OK...I know chickens don't fly. KEEP up with the metaphors She was published here. CONGRATS MY FRIEND. I am so proud of you!!!

Anyway, wanted to share my friends success so check out her blog as she has some pretty cool stuff there. This is going to be short post as I have got to get that second mini album done today and posted and I have to volunteer at my baby girls school....aaahhhh, the wonderful world of motherhood.
But before I leave...I have got to brag..........go check out my sis' blog. She is one heck of a talented chick too...(I did not give her any basics or teach her she is not one of chickees, although, I am her biggest cheerleader if that counts for anything!!)

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bwgayoso said...

WTG Ady!!! I love that mini. Can't wait to see it in person!