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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Thursday ladies!!!!!

Well it's almost here and the truth is I am a little busy beaver. Have tons to do before the gang gets here.
I have some great things to post but I am just too tired at this between today and guys are in for a treat.
I am in the middle of creating a class (WHY YOU ASK? Because although I have a million little things on my plate right now, my brain is on overload and I have begun to create and therefore, my class schedule for 2009 has already begun!!!!) This January class is going to be a VERY speical one...I am still working out the kinks, but ladies this is going to be one of my favorite classes as I am already seeing the meaning behind it.

Now have to leave you with something delish. I love being a girl. It is so much fun to buy clothes, purses, to scrapbook and buy paper and embellies, create pretty things, pefume..did I mention perfume? .....sigh...what we could do with more time and MORE MONIES...LOL

Here is a pic of my nieces and sis'. Totally different styles yet we are so similar. GUESS WHICH ONE IS JACQUELINE!!!! LOL. The youngest on this pic is 4 yrs. old. and the oldest is 42. (We will not share the name of the 42...OK,'s me... it's all good.

Happy Thursday and have a safe and happy day.


Maritza said...
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Maritza said...

Very cool picture. I need to try it when all my chics are in town. Can't wait to see the schedule.

Laura said...

Hello Chica! Guess who came back from sunny Miami? MY MOJO!!!! lol. I made some pretty good layouts in the last 2 days. Talk to you later. HUGS

Ady said...

I can't wait for Saturday. I want to accomplish so much I just hope my mojo follows me to your house... I love the photo...

Margie said...

Oye loca! You're 41! What's wrong with you! Don't do that because then that would make me 32 and every little year counts! You need some rest!

bwgayoso said...

I can't wait till Saturday!!!

I really like that picture! I'm going to try it with my girls ; )

Haberdawoman said...

Cool picture.
I can not wait to see what you have in store for your next classes. Maybe this time I can join you :-}
Have a blast this weekend!