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Sunday, September 21, 2008

another "21" kit....

is coming your way. I have put together another fun 21 kit and here is a peek. Some American Craft Goodness. It's a fun, bright and happy.

I will have them available this coming Friday. Please email at if you want one. Gotta go as I am heading out to the Scrapyard sale
Make sure you leave a post as I will be giving away a grand RAK at the end of the week!!!!!


Shenny said...

Hey Loca!!! How do you do it all? (con un buen cafe). The annual album looks delicious. I had a great time like always on Saturday. Can't wait till scrappink. LOL Shenny

Christy said...

Shenny has brought me into the wonderful world of scrapbooking :) Looking forward to doing more classes and really, really looking forward to the retreat next year!

Anonymous said...

I love the new 21 package. Looks awesome.

Can't wait until this weekend. I'm ready to finish up some projects.

By the way the outfits were pink!!!!

Love you,

alma said...

Damaris, los colore de las paginas estan preciosos, me encantan.
Y el layout de time esta lindo yo lo quiero hacer.

Sharon said...

OMG girl! Can I get a truck over to get EVERYTHING you have on those boxes moved over to my house??!?!?! LOLb Can't wait to see all those goodies!

bwgayoso said...

Oh Damaris, those colors are fab! Love them all : )

ScrapPrincess said...

Hey girl.....
okay this is my official first blog :-), I am a baby in diapers right now hee hee, can't wait to Friday/Saturday, yes for me and dinner
Thank you, love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello my love. I hope you and the family are doing well. I hope to one day join you again for scrapbooking. I have so much scrapbooking to do!! Nati is going to be 3 in January and I haven't even done my babyshower pics.

Love you and miss you!

Gladys or as you call me Gladisita (de 'ita' no tengo

Haberdawoman said...

Those are some YUMY papers.
Loving the bright colors.
So jealous about the Scrap Pink
crop :-(
Hope you ladies have a BLAST!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely papers. I believe I shall get one of those kits!
Megan in Maine

Anonymous said...

I like that paper. Happy colors for sure!!! So looking forward to the Beach Retreat next year!!!!
See you Friday.
Natalie I.

knittychick said...

hi! just stumbled on this site/blog. i'm new to scraping world but, look forward to learning from those around me. i plan to return as this site is so much fun. keep up the good work and i love your enthusiasm about what you do.