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Monday, September 22, 2008

Well, isn't grand to know such Great ladies?

I had a great time at the ScrapYard Sale at Scrapbooks"n"Stuff. This is one of the LSS. The owners are Lisa and Kobe and they are really nice ladies. Fun too!!! I don't get to participate often in their events as I am teaching most of the time, but they do have some awesome goodies in stock. They also have a great blog that you can check out here.go check them out! Here's Kobe, Me and Ady.

Here is one of our favorite girls: Laverne...she is such a sweet and talented gal.

These are two of my favorite girls. We met at the ScrapYard Sales quite a while ago, and have been participating ever since. We see each other every time we do these ScrapYard Sales and they keep me rolling with laughter. Great girls! (from left to right: Me, Barby, Ady & Eni)

Some of you asked what is a ScrapYard Sale...well the store rents a table to you and you bring your personal scrapbooking merchandise that you no longer want to use. You find some really great bargains and the truth is the LSS tends to have a huge turnout for these. At the end of the day, the store gives you a store credit and you can purchase new merchandise. ISN'T that a great idea? THANKS LISA AND KOBE!!!!

I had a great time with Ady and D. Although I missed Vanessa, as she is always a part of my (in) group...(that's what Margie calls it). LOL.

Well, am trying to mount all this stuff on the walls for my girls on Friday/Saturday.




Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I missed you, too, and I will be there next time for sure - I still have lots of crap to sell! well, my crap is someone's treasure, right? LOL! Thx so much to you and Ady for selling my stuff and helping a friend out... Love ya! what's up with the RAK????? I want one!!!!! He, he, he! xoxo

Sharon said...

Lisa and Kobe are great. I took all my SDU classes with them back in 2004! Wow, now that I think about it that was a LONG time ago! I'm counting the days for scrap pink! I'll be there Friday only because I'll be in Disney for the weekend :)
Can't wait!!!

Haberdawoman said...

I see you got to hang with La Verne. Is she NOT the sweetest person ever? And do NOT get me started with that talent of hers. I call her my scrapbooking guru.
She thinks it's silly. It is so weird that a lot of the time when I check out your blog it does not show me your latest posts. I usually get them from Sharon's blog. Weird huh?

bwgayoso said...

You girls look like you had fun! I hope you were able to sell what you wanted to ; )

Maritza said...

Looks like fun. Great way to make room for the new stuff.

Lisa Acosta said...

Thanks again, Damaris! Have a great Scrappink this weekend!

Ady said...

I had such a wonderful time and I'm so happy that I sold so much stuff. Now we have more space for new scrapbook goodness...