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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday and I have a headache....still.....

OK's been a really rough weekend. I am dealing with another root canal I have to get surgery on, cleaning, getting organized preparing for Scrap Pink (thank you Ady for your help on Friday night) cutting 500 turkey kits, and dealing with the loss of the beautiful Aleida Franklin. This has hit me really hard, and I am amazed as I really have no answers as to why her death has impacted me this way. Her husband posted about this difficult time and how sad that a young 22 year old ran a red light, T-boned her car and Aleida died instantly. That quick, that simple. I can imagine the burden this young woman will carry for the rest of her life. I have thought about little except this loss during the weekend. One thing I know for sure is that Aleida left her children and husband a legacy with the beautiful albums she created. This has made such an impact on me. I am literally making changes in the way I scrapbook, how I teach and how I invest my time in this industry. I love this business and even though it is not always fun for me, I love to see a completed album in front of me. It is one of the most amazing feelings I love to experience. I encourage you all to work more diligently in being your families historian. Many of us have thousands of dollars worth of materials...but how many albums, or projects are truly completed? I made inventory last night of what I have completed....I was surprised to find out I have 31 albums completed. Yet, I have a ton of projects pending. This tragedy has made me want to get back to my old ways, and literally work on my personal albums every single day. I encourage you to do the same.

I will continue to pray for Aleida's family and now for this young lady.
I will be going to church this morning and I just want to loose myself in God's presence....I need to seek some spiritual soothing, and some uplifting....I know I will find it in God's House.
I promise to post some DELISH STUFF TOMORROW...I promise...but for today...I'm still mourning.
HUGS and a lot of love to all those who are mourning this loss.


Haberdawoman said...

I think her sudden death has had such an impact on all of us because she was part of our daily lives through her blog but mainly because we are all moms and are now mourning for her precious little ones. I was planning on doig an album about how my husband and I met. fell in love, got married and started a life together 10 years ago and this tragedy and your words have pushed me to start one tonight.
Thanks for the push ;D

Sharon said...

I can't wait for all the DELISH stuff tomorrow (and for my calendar too, wink wink). Ouch, root canal! Just thinking about it makes me crinch. I hope you feel better soon. And if you're stuck with too much stuff, ask for help! I'm available :)
Big hug girl!

RosieTheMET said...

I'm sorry to hear about your tough weekend :( hope your family is safe in Florida! Can you please link us to her blog and her husbands recent blog about his wife :( I googled her name, and some info came up...but nothing deep and meaningful. So sad to hear about such a tragic loss :(

Jac said...

I too am still in shock as I only found out last night australian time due to my internet being down of the death of my beautiful friend. I am so glad I told her how much her emails meant but I am still crying - not a good look I must admit.

My children are similar ages to hers and I am only slightly older - I cannot put into words the deep loss I am feeling after knowing her for only such a short time - for her family and OMG for the poor young woman who caused the accident. I really pray forgiveness for her as she will need it as much as Aleida's family will oneday need to learn to forgive for the loss caused.

It has hit me how much I have not scrapped for my family and how being on my own if anything happens my children will have no legacy of me or their lives with me.

I feel the need to celebrate Aleida's wonderful life by committing to completing wonderful memories for my 2 boys.