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Sunday, September 7, 2008

My heart is so heavy....

and burdened for my friends loss. I am so sad to announce that our wonderful friend Vanessa's Mami has passed away. This woman was an integral part of her life and whenever Vanessa spoke of her, her eyes would glow and you knew, her mami was a special lady.

Vanessa was a fantastic granddaughter and a beautiful example to me. She showed me the love that we should all have for those so dear to us. She taught me to appreciate the little things like spending time with your grandma...because they are fragile and time is the enemy. She showed me find humour even when the times were rough. With her persistent and do it yourself attitude she showed me that sacrifice is a duty and not a burden. I am very proud of Vanessa, as she is truly an example to all of us as to how to handle our aging parents. She shines in my book, and today I continue to pray that our Heavenly Father give Vanessa and her family peace and serenity in this difficult time. I know with all certitude that Vanessa's' Mami today is with our Saviour at peace and with her beloved. Please keep Vanessa and her family in your prayers.
PS: This layout belongs to's one of the one's that she did a while back, but it has always been one of my favorites.


Sharon said...

oh that's so sad. But she's in a better place now, and with someone very special, whom I'm excited to see once my time comes. God bless.

Ady said...

What a beautiful post... This has brought so many emotions that I'm a bit winded myself. I've been praying for her.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Thank you so much, my dear friend. That was a beuatiful post and I love you for thinking of me in that way... I think I have done what most daughters would do for their mothers :-) One always wishes you could do more, but at least I have some amazing memories. BIG HUG!

Ana, Miami said...

I really feel so sad for Vanessa I was in her shoes just 2 years ago with my grandma and it is one of the most difficult moments to have to go through.

I wish her strentgh and will pray for her and her family.

from the heart
Ana G.