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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Announcing....the SUper Creative..........

Rocking, Hot Mamasota, You are the hot dog diggity BOMBA: Camille Serra McClelland. Many of us admire certain artist, whether it's their art in general, scrapbooking, or their written words.
I, admire this artist soooooooooo much, as she is one talented LADY. She is known for her acrylic albums, and as many of you know, my fondness for acrylics is quite intense. Her creations are works of art. They are original and LORDY, LORD...she CUTS THE DANG THINGS HERSELF!!!! Now that earns the highest respect from this puertorican who can't even sew if her life depended on it...can you imagine cutting this thing? OK...I'm sure some of you can, but hey, let's be realistic, the majority of us would say, "OLLE CHICA, Just sell me the darn thing!!!!" SO TOTALLY ME!!!! LOL. Anyway, here is her latest creation, and gang I am not sure if she is selling it...but check our her blog and I am sure she shall keep you posted.

Please note this is copyrighted. "copyright Camille McClelland 2008"
If you want to display this on your blog make sure you check out Camille's blog and follow instructions!!! (SUPER IMPORTANT!!!) But this is truly worth displaying...don't you think?
Onto other goodies...the October "21" kit is shipping. You must email me so that I can send you a Pay pal invoice. Posting some pics on these goodies on Thursday....DELISH!!!
Gotta tell you peeps: So many of you have been asking me questions and posting, but I have no way of getting back to you...please make sure that you leave me an email address where I can contact you with answers to your questions.
ScrapPINK is HOT!!!! I think am more excited than a little kid!!! Love the goodies, and I know those who are participating will be too. I think I will post a sneak peak tomorrow...hmmmm. Just for Vanessa, since she is into the sneak peaks.
My infamous TURKEY album is almost done. HAY DIOS MIO!!! I know, Ady, I know!!! I am going to be posting it on FRIDAY to begin registration for that class...guess what...another mini is in the works...If I get it done, I will post it along with the turkey on Friday.....hmmm..laundry or work? LOl.
Scrapbook Beach Retreat 2009 is on it's way. I will post more tomorrow as my post is looking like a book today.
Gotta go and hit the kitting section....I want to see my floor TODAY!!!


Anonymous said...

you know I am not into those mini albums but that Halloween one is out of this world! truly a work of art! Michelle P.

Camille said...

Thanks so much for all the compliments! Wowie, I feel so special.

Haberdawoman said...

OK! I saw this album on another site and can I tell you that I almost fell off my bed?! I wish I had 1/2 the imagination to think that up but my girls have sucked the imagination and energy from me for now. I guess when Solimar is no longer on me like white on rice I will be able to bigger projects. What are you doing for Scrap Pink?

Ana, Miami said...

Girl this album is out of control, super unique!

can't to read more on 2009 retreat!
what about Kroptoberfest, when is it, hopefully not on the 25of Oct. since it is my 1 year anniversary with scrapbooking I would love to celebreat!
i love scrapping!

gotta go
lova ya
hugs kiss to all